Automatic HD Storage




Saving space inside the sheds or buildings intended for storage, downsizing and efficient and accurate inventory control are some advantages of using automated warehouses. One of the advantages of using self-supported high-rise up to 40 meters, storage is possible to increase the saturation of pallets in the warehouse in the smallest possible area.


We can propose customized solutions for any type of automated storage and warehouses for raw materials and finished products interoperable products.


The wide range of applications developed to configure each individual project to best meet the specific needs of the following ways:


  • Storage pallets, containers, boxes or other cargo units;
  • Stations with single, double or multiple depth;
  • Self-supporting or independent shelves;
  • Conditioned environments or chilled;
  • Integration of different picking systems and material management;
  • Level of automation-related demand in a balanced way with the investment budget.
  • Temperature controlled environments or frozen


We have a fully developed WMS application which concentrates more than 15 years of experiance in managing the automated warehouse solutions.




We have different levels of development of automation for the activities of "picking" among which we can identify four that can be adapted to different projects:


  • PPS (Pick to Pallet System): Man product manual selection
  • SPL (Steady Picking Locations): Man semi-manual product selection
  • APPS (Automatic Pick to Pallet System) product man, semi-automatic selection.
  • MOPS (Modular Order Picking System) automatic product selection for creating dispatch orders without operator intervention.



Today we can automate a warehouse or just transport supplies from warehouses to the production lines and pallets or boxes of finished product from the production area to the warehouse intended for that purpose with drones of which companies benefit from many ways. Below some of the most important advantages derived from the use of laser guided vehicles:


  • Accurate and safe operations.
  • 24/7 operation without human intervention.
  • It does not require additional management infrastructure to manage or transport the product through the warehouse and production areas.
  • Easily reconfigurable routes, add new machines easily.
  • No damage caused by AGVs materials, machinery or permanent structures.
  • AGVS number can be increased as the business grows.
  • No errors destination / traceability.
  • More accurate inventory management.
  • Low operating costs and maintenance.
  • Compatible with other automated systems.
  • Optimization of transport flows according to the available fleet, traffic conditions and transport missions.
  • Guaranteed traffic management to avoid collisions.
  • Reintroduction of vehicles anywhere in the system automatically.




We also have the production of vertical storage drawers.


They consist of two columns of shelves housing the metal boxes are collected and deposited on the ground work through an automatic elevator.
Modular and flexible, automated warehouses with drawers are controlled entirely by a complete system of hardware and innovative software and easy to handle.


The vertical automated warehouse is composed of a fully modular structure and can reach a height of 14 m to maximize the height of the premises available.
Modulated is controlled by the software Systore and allows a high storage density and great savings in terms of occupied area in industrial environments.

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