Automatic fillers for water, beer, soft-drinks, wine, liquors and juices.


Main features:


Filling with light vacuum: the filling cycle is assisted by light vacuum with recovery of the product inside the filling tank. High accuracy is achieved by using a self-levelling system (sigma ≤ 0.8).


Higher filling speed thanks to the bigger section for product flow: Less turbolence compared to competitors allowing greater product flow. For ex. 12,000 bph ( 0.75 L bottles) with 40 valves or 21,000 bph (0.75 L bottles) with 60 valves.


Pneumatic activator to control air return: This device allows stopping the vacuum during the stage in which the valves are not running (after having finished filling; before starting a new filling cycle). The significantly reduces the machine's air.


Temperature control: The filling level can be adjusted automatically according to variations in the operating temperature (for ex. Daytime/nighttime cycles ).


Simple filling valve: Composed of very few parts, no dynamic gaskets, very easy to clean.


Adjustable filling level: Without changing the vent tube, fine level adjustments may be carried out, up to 25-30 mm.

Inclined tank : Designed to avoid product stagnation and for easy cleaning.


Easy valve dismantling: Just 1 screw to disassemble 2 valves.

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