Case Inspection


Full Case Inspector: No Surprises at the end of the Line


Filtec case and crate inspection systems provide that critical final check to assure that newly packed single and multi-tier cases, trays and boxes are properly filled and sealed. Systems can be configured to handle most applications including pharmaceutical bundles, and cases containing shrink-wrapped bundles.


They can identify:


  • Missing bottles or cans
  • Broken bottles
  • Empty or partially filled bottles or cans


Filtec case and crate inspection systems can also check the actual position and fit of box flaps using sensors that confirm the box is properly sealed and containers are not protruding – assuring attractive and reliable packaging.


OmniVision II Empty Bottle Inspection


OmniVision II Empty Bottle Inspection


Sees it all so you know it all

The OmniVision II Empty Bottle Inspector is the only all-surface empty bottle inspector that provides full 360 degree inspection at line

speeds up to 1400 bottles per minute –  while exceeding all industry standards for quality, repeatability and reliability – with minimal false rejects.


Low-Cost and Simple Installation


The Omnivision II system is compact, modular, easily expandable and fits into existing lines without modifications, while machines by others require complex conveyor controls and additional conveyor transfers to ensure bottles are gapped before, during and after inspection. The OmniVision II requires no special gapping or controls, and can also deal with product back-up from fillers, unlike other systems.


Guaranteed Alignment


Filtec’s unique vacuum Starwheel provides guaranteed inspection alignment by holding bottles in two places for perfect registration in the inspection zone – as opposed to relying on spongy belts that can collect contaminants and require frequent replacement. Additionally, a wide range of bottle sizes and dimensional tolerances can run through the OmniVision II without causing jams or stoppages.


Equipped with the Auto-Rotator OSW system, the OV-II is the only true all-surface empty bottle inspector, providing a full 360 degrees of sidewall inspection. Bottles are rotated while passing a high-speed camera where up to 12 images of the entire outside surface of every bottle are captured for complete coverage. State of the art multi-media technology processes it all.
The OmniVision II features the highest speed digital processing and reject handling that is independent of other computing systems – so it can’t be slowed down by typical CPU technology. It also features Integrated Fail-safe Rejection, so if air or power is lost, all bottles are automatically forced onto the rejection conveyor instead of going uninspected to the filler.



Inspection types include:


  • Base
  • Inner Sidewall
  • 360° Outer Sidewall
  • Residual Liquid
  • Finish
  • Thread


The OmniVision II addresses an impressive range of empty bottle problems, including contaminants, foreign objects, transparent film, glass defects, residual liquid, glass damage and scuffing .
Leap ahead of industry standards with the OmniVision II – the only empty bottle inspection system that has true full coverage.


Empty Can Inspection – SpectroVision ECI


Incredible High Speed Inspection Technology. Damaged, dented or deformed cans cause obstructions that can stop the production line cold. Contamination and foreign objects inside cans jeopardize product quality. Using powerful industrial processors, robust electronics, high-resolution camera systems and FireWire bus technology, filtec’s SpectroVision Empty Can Inspector (ECI) assures container quality and product integrity.
The SpectroVision system inspects up to 120,000 cans per hour, and its high-speed reject system reliably eliminates all faulty cans from the production line before they reach the filler. An optional camera can be utilized to verify the print on the cans to assure that the contents correspond to the markings. The SpectroVision ECI is also compact and easily integrated into existing lines.


Everything’s On Camera


The SpectroVision Empty Can Inspector uses multiple high resolution cameras with sophisticated optics and specially designed lighting to capture multiple images of each can from above and from the side (in the case of inspection for can markings) as it passes through the SpectroVision inspection station.


  • All the Advantages
  • Vision inspection at speeds up to 120,000 cans per hour.
  • High speed reject system with reject verification.
  • Advanced optics and electronics for reliable vision inspection.
  • Picture-in-picture interface for ease of use.
  • Easy to integrate with minimal line modification.
  • Ethernet connectivity, data acquisition and remote access.
  • Parameter storage for easy product changeover.
  • Statistical counters for data tracking.


The SpectroVision Empty Can Inspector (ECI) is fully upgradeable and can incorporate the latest technological advancements, including the Single Platform Technology (SPT) which standardizes many of the elements of filtec equipment, simplifies training and dramatically reduces the need for spare parts.



Especificaciones Técnicas del Sensor Acústico


La tecnológia Acústica mide la presión o vacío en recipientes con cierres metálicos que no tienen una desviación medible en la tapa. El sensor aplica un "toque" en la parte superior de cada tapa del recipiente usando un pulso electromagnético, estimulando el cerrado del recipiente. La tapa vibra a una frecuencia de "tono" de resonancia natural basada en la presión interna o vacío. La señal resultante "tono" es detectada por un micrófono. El procesador de señal digital (DSP) produce un espectro de la señal en tiempo real y calcula la frecuencia del "tono" para esa tapa que luego se compara con los límites establecidos por el usuario. Los contenedores con una frecuencia fuera de estos límites se rechazan.


Se requiere una interfaz de usuario para operar el sensor acústico. Este sensor es compatible con el T550, T4000 HMI, y la serie de Interfaces PRO. Cada interfaz de usuario TapTone es capaz de ejecutar múltiples inspecciones simultáneamente. Otros; fugas, nivel de llenado, o sensores de visión (modelo y la interfaz de usuario dependiente) puede ser añadido con el sensor acústico.


Especificaciones Técnicas para Sistemas de Envases


Case System T4000


El sistema de envases T4000 está diseñado libre de contacto, 100% automática, inspección de contenedores no destructiva, a través de cartón sellado y/o envoltorios termo encogible. El sistema ofrece la opción de tecnología acústica o de proximidad a inspeccionar latas metálicas o frascos de vidrio con tapas metálicas para la presión o el vacío después de que los contenedores han sido sellados en el envase. En muchas aplicaciones, el sistema de T4000 detectará defectos que no sean por baja presión o vacío. Algunos ejemplos son: los contenedores que faltan, recipientes con tapas faltantes o botellas rotas, flat sours y latas dañadas.


Configuración del Sistema T4000


  • El sistema de envases T4000 es un sistema autónomo que puede ser configurado como sigue:
  • Inspección de proximidad: 1-4 cabezas de sensor de proximidad (un puente )
  • Inspección acústica: 1-4 cabezales sensores acústicos (un puente)
  • Inspección acústica / proximidad combinado (un puente acústico y un puente de proximidad)
  • El sistema incluye un transportador de inspección de dos metros para el almacén o en otras aplicaciones fuera de línea. Marcadores de pulverización también se pueden añadir (opcional) para marcar la ubicación de los contenedores defectuosos dentro de la caja para facilitar su identificación y retrabajo. El sistema se puede pedir sin el transportador para aplicaciones on-line.


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