Washers Bottles and Cases



Single or double end maching depending on the washer dimensions.

These machines has been designed to wash glass bottles for different type of bottling lines (soft drink, beer, juices, etc) including on the washers high level of technology, easy and safe mantenance, sustainability and flexibility on the operation.


Different washers sizes will be able to run from 20.000 bph with 1 liter bottles, passing for 60.000 bph for 50 ml botlles up to 120.000 bph with 500 ml.


The machine is designed taking in consideration the ergonomics concepton maintenances and accesibilivity which include single heat exchanger, self cleaning nozzles, sloped tanks. top area fully walkable and also removable top covers for easy access, automatic self cleaning filtering systems, etc.  


One or doble pre-washer zones.

  • Fresh water flowrate control, according to bottle format.
  • BBottle pockets designed accord to the line application: Steel pocket with plastic caps, with low energy consumption or full plastic pockets.
  • Thermal separation between detergent section and rinsing area.
  • Infeed and discharge systems with smooth and gentle bottle treatment.
  • Up to 4 rinsing zones.
  • Optional thermal insulation for caustic tanks.
  • Visibility and easy access to high spay zones.


Possibility to install movable caustic spays cars for all the detergent tanks.


The washers could be manufacturer with a traditional drive system which has a central motor with sprockets to move the bottle carrier chain. The central motor will be connected to the carrier chain shafts using a main shafts and gear boxes. A central motor reducer with brake moves the carrier beams chain, and also a mechanical safety device and a thermal sensor protect the gear-motor against faults and overloading. As an alternative to the traditional system, the washers can be drive using a Syncro Drive System which uses independent electrical motor for each carrier chain shaft controlled by variable frequency drives and PLC programs. This modern system ensures excellent load distribution on the carrier to allow much better control on load, chain tension, etc.


Also, we are able to provide our plastic crate washer machine used mainly in beverage returnable bottle lines industry where our customer uses plastic crates. This machine is able to run with very high efficiency, low maintenance and its construction is done mainly in stainless steel to give it a robust chassis and enclosure construction easily to clean the inside and outside machine areas.

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